Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing represents the marketing strategy on social networks, such as Facebook, Viadeo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter. Social networks are considered a new medium in its own right, with its specificities: multifaceted, conversations, immediacy, speed of propagation. It is therefore imperative that this new medium can be mastered by the marketing manager.

Why use it?


The Social media marketing is the marketing approach to take on social networks for an entire enterprise communication consistency. The primary objective is to establish a relationship based on exchange, discussion, co-production of ideas, with clients and “fans”.


This approach makes it possible to structure its actions on social networks, while respecting ethics and values. The company’s communication evolves from top-down communication to new, more interactive forms of communication, leaving much room for consumer and customer opinions. The content of expertise, comments and opinions becomes very important.

How to use it ?


  • Define its strategy of influence around a clear positioning: to be a mark “friend”, “accomplice” or “expert”, for example.
  • Specify its loyalty and co-participation objectives: quantify its investment in time and budget.
  • Create traffic to the brand via social media.
  • Invite in IRL, “In Real Life” and facilitate meetings with clients.
  • Bring free non-commercial content: information, recipes, expert advice.
  • Let the commentators speak, in moderation, but without censorship.
  • Measure and analyze traffic: pages read, number of visitors …
  • Listen to his target.
  • Encourage interactive discussions with the community.
  • Involve the whole company: the community manager, but also the employees of the company, who express themselves via LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Fostering anchorage in the community: benefits are only visible over time.

Methodology and Advice

On social media, individuals and brands become authors, commentators, critics and expose themselves to the eyes of all.

The social media is multifaceted: blogs, social networks, chat, forum, e-mails, wikis … The brand communication are not working from the top down. Relayed or initiated by many actors outside the company, the problem is primarily to identify how to feed these relays to the general public and consumers.

Privilege of free expression is a specificity of social media. An internal charter of social media becomes necessary to define the brand’s speech field. This presence on social networks must be consistent with the positioning and strategy of the company.


  • Social media marketing professionalises the approach of social networks by the marketing manager.
  • This approach is consistent with the brand’s marketing strategy and overall communications.

Precautions to Take

  • The social media is multifaceted by the multiplicity of Internet users and social networks: there is to invent other forms of communication.
  • Identify community and affinity with the brand.
  • The benefits of a relationship are visible only in the long term, this requires a steady investment, which must be maintained over time.

Social Media Marketing Tools

  • “Social media optimization”: Optimization of content for social media and referencing on participative sites
  • Buzz Marketing, Viral Marketing: Interpersonal dissemination of content automatically between users
  • Word of mouth marketing (word-of-mouth marketing): Interpersonal recommendation
  • Development of customizable or deportable tools (widget, RSS feed, nano sites …)
  • Creation, animation of communities of brand via platforms multi social networks

Today it is important to consider social media marketing as part of a global marketing mix, as it is complementary to other online communication practices. We must respect against by a number of rules in the implementation of operations.