How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing


Affiliation is a system of exchange between an affiliator (advertiser) and an affiliate (broadcaster) who agrees to post on its site the commercial offers of the affiliate against a remuneration.

A “win – win” system: the affiliate makes money with its website and the affiliate enjoys increased sales through this advertisement.

Affiliation: principles

The links

Links to the affiliate appear as visual elements (banners, buttons, skyscrapers, product search forms, …) or text links (contextual links or brand name) to the affiliate site.


The remuneration is variable:

  • To the display: display of the banner or pop-up
  • At click: the user clicks on the link to the affiliate
  • Double click: the user clicks on the link and clicks a second time on the website of the affiliate
  • On sale: the user makes a payment on the site of the affiliator
  • To the form: the user completes a form (questionnaire, registration, …) on the affiliate site

Ratios of conversion of visitors to buyers rarely reach more than 1%. Despite this small percentage, affiliation remains a powerful marketing tool because without risk.
Some affiliate platforms advertise up to 70%, but commissions are more frequently around 1 to 20%.

Being Affiliate

Being an affiliate allows you to advertise your product or service without prior investment and therefore without risk, since you pay the affiliate only if the visitor visits your site or if his visit leads to a sale (depending on the type of remuneration).

And if affiliation does not bring you the clients you were expecting, you will ultimately have little spending compared to traditional advertising.

Be Affiliated

For the affiliate, also called publisher, it is a good way to make profitable a website or blog. Some people have made it their profession, but it is possible to make affiliation in moderation at least to make profitable the uploading and updating of your professional website.

Beware, it is easier to be affiliate than affiliate, because the offer is simply inferior to the demand for affiliates.

The more your site is referenced, the more you will have affiliate proposals, the affiliates are looking for very visible sites to deposit their advertising links and make known their products or services. And the more you have affiliate proposals, the more you can impose your commission percentages.

Contribution and investment

Be careful to measure what affiliation costs you and what it brings you in time and money whether you are affiliated or affiliated. If necessary, you will have to move to another mode of remuneration for your site or advertising for your shop. And if you still want to keep your affiliate program, consider tailoring your commission percentages to balance your budget.

Affiliation: How it Work

Affiliate platforms

The connection between affiliates and affiliates is most often done on affiliate platforms, sort of professional directories.

The most active affiliate platforms:

  • Clickbank
  • eBay
  • Avangate
  • Flexoffers
  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant
  • Amazon associates

Affiliate Steps for Affiliate

  • Subscribe to the Affiliate Free Affiliate Platform
  • Choosing an affiliate program and enrolling in this program
  • The affiliate accepts (or refuses), depending on the quality of your site and the other offers it receives
  • Once the agreement is reached, reception of advertising material to be broadcast
  • Integrating the ad element into a visible place on your site
  • Remuneration (tools allow to measure the results of the campaign and to define the amount of the remuneration)

Affiliate Steps for Affiliate

  • Subscription to the Affiliate Affiliate Platform
  • Creation of your campaign (tools available on the platforms to create your banner, button, …)
  • Choice of remuneration
  • Affiliate selection
  • Updating your affiliation (new banner, promotion, …)

Choosing the right affiliate

The charming affiliations and games are the ones that report the most, but the best for your site is to choose affiliations in connection with the theme of your site, this is called contextual advertising.

For example: your site presents your activity as an artisan mason, the affiliated links can be real estate agencies, or suppliers of materials for the building.

This gives added value to your site, additional information; The affiliate program is no longer a simple advertising link.