Communicate and Work in Groups With Google Tools

Communicate and Work in Groups With Google Tools


What Google tools choose or not to choose as part of your business? Where to find them and how to use them to increase the efficiency of your work and that of your collaborators and optimize the exchanges between each one?

Google Document and Google Drive: Enhancing Enterprise Collaboration

When several people have to work on the same document at the same time, Google Document is a good solution.

Word and Excel documents are not suitable for this situation because only one person can edit the document, while others can only view it in read-only mode without making any changes.

The features of Google Document:

  • Create documents online, directly on Google Docs. The main functionalities of word, excel, powerpoint are present.
  • Import files from your computer into your Google Document space and vice versa.
  • Share all kinds of documents: working documents, lists of tasks, presentation, … All the main formats are accepted: doc, xls, odt, ods, rtf, csv, ppt
  • Control access to documents: you can choose to grant different levels of access to your employees and customers (read-only or editor)
  • To access Google Docs from any computer. Ideal for telecommuting.
  • Classify your tools personally, regardless of the ranking of collaborators who use the same documents
  • Publish Google Docs online, on your professional blog for example, to make them public

How to use Google Document:

  • Create a Gmail address
  • Choose the Google Document option at the top left of the Google classic page
  • Create or import your documents
  • Share your documents: select the document to be shared, click share, fill in the Gmail addresses of the people you want, specify if you want them to be collaborators or simple readers

people have to click on the link received in the email to access the shared Google Docs

Facebook : Creating Your Socio-Professional Network Online

How to use Facebook:

  • Visit the Facebook login page
  • Connect with your Gmail,
  • Fill in your profile,
  • Accept the terms of use,
  • Import your contacts from your Gmail,
  • Create new relationships on the Facebook network

Although it is of high quality, the Facebook network has had mixed success and only 18% of users use it professionally. Facebook is not busy, the probability of finding collaborators or potential customers is lower than on networks much more popular and specialized in meetings and professional exchanges such as Viadeo or Linked In.

What differentiates Facebook other networks, This is its invitational recruitment system: you can only meet other members if you are invited by an existing member. By playing the “private club” card, this recruiting system contributes to the quality of the Facebook community.

Google Groups: Chatting on a Forum

 If you communicate regularly by email with the same group of people in a professional setting, you may be interested in the Google Groups tool. Unlike Google Talk, instant messaging from Google, discussions, more reflections, are delayed.

To use Google Groups, simply log in to Google Groups by simply entering your Gmail.

Two ways to use Google Groups:

  • Participate in an existing discussion group

In a newsgroup gathering people from your professional sector, your region, your old businesses or schools, to find or share information, news, that might interest you professionally and to interest other people.

To find the group that suits you, you have several selection criteria: language, subject, region, number of messages posted per month, number of members of the group. Then join the discussion after having previously been invited if it is a private group.

  • Create your own newsgroup

A group only accessible to the people to whom you will give the authorization: customers, prospects, collaborators.

Google Plus

If you do not want to sign up for a nth social network, maybe you already have a Google Plus account for your private use? The last social network as of Google (June 2011) allows to create several circles of knowledge under the same account.

You can then create a circle with your collaborators to share your watch, interesting links for the general culture of the company and continuing education. On the same principle as Facebook, you can share internet links, photos, videos or statuses.

You are not a pro-Google?

If you are not a supporter of any Google, here are equivalent tools:
Tools Google -> Other tools
Google Groups -> Usenet newsgroups, Internet forums on
Facebook -> Linked In, Viadeo
Google Document -> Wikis
Google Drive -> Dropbox, Skydrive