Affiliation, Partnership, Advertising … How to Monetize a Site?

Affiliation, Partnership, Advertising … How to Monetize a Site?


News sites related to the company, blog of personal development, blogs of experts … Once a support enjoys a good visibility on the Internet, the question can arise for both individuals and professionals: how to monetize their site ?

There are several ways to monetize a site like affiliation, advertising, sponsored articles . What are their characteristics ? How to choose the most suitable solution, and how to set it up?

Monetizing a site: what is at stake?

Monetize a site is to implement solutions that allow to obtain a financial advantage .

This can include a blog (personal development, sharing of experience and expertise), a news site or a community site.

The objectives for the site editor may be varied:

  •  Pay hosting and domain name of the site
  •  Profitable time spent in hosting a website
  •  Identify benefits to ensure a complementary activity …

These solutions can also help to meet the demand of a company or brand , which would enjoy the reputation of a site to talk about his own products. This is the case of sponsored articles such as framed by the Consumer Code ( see below ).

Monetizing a site: limits and good practices

The establishment of affiliate campaigns, advertising campaigns and sponsored articles must not lose sight of the importance of hearing and / or the online community.

In some cases, the hearing can be estimated wronged by advertising: display too frequent, banner advertising and sponsored articles unreported …

Some good practices can be observed:

  • Report to the community the implementation of advertising campaigns (editorial, article dedicated ….)
  • Reserve a space dedicated to advertising, so the editorial content and advertising content are well separated,
  • Check the contents of the advertisements if use is made of an advertising agency (eg adult content).

Referencing and benefits: what impact?

Site traffic has a direct impact on revenues :

  • A strong audience means a greater number of views of online advertisements,
  • Advertising space and sponsored items can be sold more expensive when traffic is strong,
  • A targeted audience can result in a higher click-through rate on the products offered in affiliation.

Note: in case of purchases sponsored links to an external site, it is advisable to check the positioning of the site and its contents in order to avoid a negative effect on its own SEO.

Monetizing a site: solutions


This is one of the fastest ways to put in place to monetize a website. It’s also one that generates the least revenue .

Several platforms are specialized in the management of advertising campaigns on a site or a blog. They act as intermediaries between the site publisher and the advertiser .

The steps:

  • Register on AdSense type of platform (Google) or Criteo
  •  Set Up by entering the URL of the site, the type of content offered,
  •  After validation, advertising campaigns can be integrated as ad units and banners placed in the pages or in the articles
  •  compensation is calculated per click (CPC) or impressions (CPM).

It is possible to refuse certain advertising campaigns (for example those of a direct competitor). The advertiser may also decide not to appear on the site.

The proposed advertisements are often close to the theme of the website and also using techniques retargeting advertising.


The affiliation refers to a partnership between an advertiser and the publisher of a website. The advertiser has a product to sell, and the publisher is promoting it on its website, for example through a reserved advertising space . For each sale or contact made through the site, the publisher receives a commission.

Several platforms have specialized in the development of this type of partnership: affilinet, Zanox, TradeDoubler …

The payment options vary according to conditions:
– Payment for purchase: it takes the form of a commission on the sale of up to 10% of its value
– Remuneration to the form: fixed amount for precise action of a user (registration on a form, for example)
– Pay per click: fixed amount for each click The surfer on the banner.

This partnership approach has several advantages for the publisher and the advertiser :

  • The partnership can be adapted to the type of content proposed on the site,
  • Both parties may opt for exclusive content,
  • Inspired by an affiliate platform, it is subject to strict operating rules for both parties,
  • The click-through rate is controlled, as is the pay.

Note: some players in the online sale also offer direct affiliation : Users can participate in the brand program. This is the case, for example, of Amazon.

Sponsored Article

An article is a sponsored blog post written by the site owner, at the request of a company or brand that pays him for that.
As a rule, the article follows the same editorial line as the site on which it is hosted. This is indeed for the company to target the audience usually affected by the blog.

The sponsored article is published in a specific context: the reader must be informed of its advertising character by a mention “sponsored article” (article L.121-1 of the Consumer Code). This approach must also be respected in order not to lose the confidence of its audience.

It may be a direct transaction between the company and the brand and the publisher or through an advertising agency . Some press agencies also use sponsored articles as a means of communicating with a specific audience.

According to the type of content and according to the audience of the site, the revenue generated by the writing and putting on line of a sponsored article can go up to 100 $ and more.